• “Schengen” visa needed for Indian nationalities
  • Don’t forget your passport and leave one copy of it at home, the other on your email
  • Pack light, there’s a lot of shopping opportunities
  • Since there’s sight seeings on foot also, pack light footwear/snickers
  • Don’t forget the sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Umbrella can come handy any time, even in summer
  • Don’t forget to pack your medicine if you are taking one
  • Most widely excepted credit cards are Visa and MasterCard
  • For withdrawing the money from ATM machines we suggest Maestro (from MasterCard) or Visa Electron


(phone code +43)

  • Population 8 million
  • Famous for the Alpine scenery: lots of mountains, lakes, small bed and breakfasts. Home of the most beautiful Christmas city – Vienna, also its capital
  • Foreign currency Euro
  • Capital Vienna. Beautiful, old city, capital of historic Austro-Hungarian empire. Always top 3 ranked worldwide, among most comfortable capital cities to live in. And culinary famous for Sacher cake and Viennese stake
  • Salzburg is a neat, romantic, small town with a castle above it. Home of world famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And the chocolate delights like Mozart “kugeln”
  • Approximate prices: set lunch 14 EUR, glass of wine 4-5 EUR, beer 4 EUR, juice 2-3 EUR, water potable from the tap

Embassy of India
Kärntnerring 2 (2nd Floor),
AT-1010 Vienna
Telephone : +43 1 505 8666



( phone code: +386 )

  • Population 2 million
  • Dubbed little green jewel of Europe due to more than 60% of forest. Here you find Mediterranean Adriatic sea, snow capped Alps mountains and rolling wine yard hills of Goriska Brda.
  • Foreign currency Euro, since 2007.
  • Capital Ljubljana, approximately 300.000 inhabitants. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, also the green capital of Europe.
  • Lake Bled is one of two most visited destinations. Its a natural fairy tale lake, with an island in the middle of it and a castle above, surrounded by green hills and snow capped mountains.
  • The other attraction, most visited by tourists in Slovenia, is magical and huge underground cave of Postojna. We are sure you haven’t seen nothing like this before. And there’s a Predjama castle nearby, just above the underground river.
  • Goriska Brda and sorrounding Kras is dubbed by manny as untouristic Tuscany. Here you will find rolling hills of wineyards and one of the best wines in Europe.
  • Prekmurje region is famous for its hospitality, wineyards and winecellars and most of all, for all kinds of luxurious thermal baths, spas and treatments.
  • Approximate prices: set lunch 7-12 EUR, glass of wine 1-3 EUR, beer 2-3 EUR, juice 2 EUR, water potable from the tap.

Embassy of India
Zelezna cesta 16
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1 51 33 110
Emergency telephone: +386 40 412 272


(phone code +385)

  • Population 4 million
  • Used to be a part of Yugoslavia
  • Foreign currency Kuna
  • Capital Zagreb.
  • Most popular city is Dubrovnik where The Game of Thrones was filmed
  • Croatia has 1244 islands. The larges are Cres and Krk.
  • Approximate prices: set lunch 9 EUR, glass of wine 2-3 EUR, beer 2.5 EUR, juice 2 EUR

Embassy of India
Bijenik 152B
HR-10000 Zagreb
Telephone: +385 1 487 32 39, 487 32 40

Czech republic

(phone code +420)

  • Population 10 million
  • Home of world most famous beer Budweiser and incredibly strong liquor drink Absynth
  • Foreign currency Koruna ( 1 EUR = 27 CZK)
  • Capital Prague. Probably the most beautiful Eastern European city, with central river Vltava and the biggest castle in the world, Hradcany
  • Brno is a beautiful student city with a young Czech vibe
  • Approximate prices: set lunch 7 EUR, glass of wine 2-3 EUR, beer 1.5 EUR, juice 1.5 EUR

Embassy of India
M. Horákové 60/93
CZ-170 00 Praha 7.
Telephone : +420 21304 1096


(phone code +39)

  • Population 60 million
  • Industrialised north, with world famous Venice, Tuscany, Verona and lakes like Garda lake
  • South famous for the real rustic Italian touch, hospitality and beautiful coast (Sicily, Sardinia). Not to mention one of the best food in the world – heaven for taste buds
  • Foreign currency Euro
  • Capital Rome
  • Venice is probably first thing you think of when people say Italy. Canals and city itself is definetely one of the top sights that will not only take your breathe away, but also stay with you forever
  • Approximate prices: set lunch 15 EUR, glass of wine 3 EUR, beer 5 EUR, juice 3 EUR

Embassy of India
Via XX Settembre 5
IT-00187 Rome
Telephone: +39 064884642


(phone code +36)

  • Population 10 million
  • Things to see: Budapest, Balaton lake
  • Foreign currency Forint (1 EUR = 310 HUF)
  • Capital Budapest with a Danube river as a central focus for all the things to see and do. Hosts one of the best music festivals in Europe, Sziget
  • Approximate prices: set lunch 7 EUR, glass of wine 2 EUR, beer 3 EUR, juice 2 EUR

Embassy of India
Búzavirág utca 14
1025 Budapest Búzavirág utca 14.
Telephone: +36 1 3257742
Búzavirág utca 14


(phone code +421)

  • Population 5 million
  • Used to be a part of Czechoslovakia
  • Foreign currency Euro
  • Capital Bratislava with a Danube river and a nice stroll and restaurant area. Famous for beautiful women
  • Approximate prices: set lunch 9 EUR, glass of wine 2-3 EUR, beer 2.5 EUR, juice 2 EUR

Embassy of India
Dunajská 4, 7th Floor
SK-811 08 Bratislava
Telephone: +421 2 52962916